How it works

Control our home lighting and appliances through your mobile wherever you are

Start with a gateway

Add an app

Choose your devices

Enjoy the experience

1. Start With A Gateway


At the center of every iHome is a host. By enabling wireless communication between other devices, it creates the experience of home automation.


2. Add an App


iHome makes it easy to control your home from anywhere with a touch—just download the free AlmightyTech App to your iOS or Android device.

3. Choose your Devices


Start with the AlmightyTech Remote to control all your entertainment—TV, cable, Sonos, Apple TV, and more—then add lighting, and expand over time.


4. Enjoy the Experience


Take some time for yourself—sit back and engage yourself in a new world of entertainment.

AlmightyTech designs any system according to client’s specific requirements, call us to tell us about your home.